ZEEFO Mini Led Ceiling Light
Enough to illuminate 5-8 square meters for hallway, balcony, Bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, study room or office.
    Easy to install and all installation accessories included.
    The light lampshade made out of iron.
    LED li

Material: Metal plating
Specification: 6.2*6.2* 8.2 inches
Voltage rating: 110V/ 60Hz
Lamp holder: E26 (NOT included)
Bulb power: ≤60w
Weight: 400g
1.The surface of the lamp and the electric wire should be avoid scratching when mounting, the gloves must be worn when installing.
2.The black line should connect the corresponding line, variegated thread connecting zero line, ground line wire connect to the sign of ground wire.
3.Do not install the lamp on the unseasoned ceiling, ventilate and dry surrounding are needed.
4. The lamp shall not close to acid, alkali corrosive chemicals and gases, do not wash with water but clean cloth.
5.Must be installed by professional electrician.
6.When installing, cleaning lamps and replacing light blubs, must cut off power supply.
Installation steps
1.Fixed the bracket on the ceiling.
2.Install the lamp holder, and follow the correct wiring steps. (Tips: Make sure to cut off the power supply)
3.Fixed the lamp plate on the bracket.
4.Hang the hollow metal lampshade on the lamp plate.    

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